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The Connection to STEM Talent and Campus Recruitment


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STEM Recruitment Meets Predictive Analytics

Beyond a job posting, the STEM Connection provides an end-to-end recruitment solution and helps organizations connect with emerging talent by targeting universities, niche campus organizations, clubs, associations, social media platforms, and beyond. For decades, the majority of firms have relied heavily on the basic trio of resume screening, interviewing, and reference checks to choose the best candidates and have often resulted in poor performance and higher turnover. Our analytics insight challenges these traditional approaches.

e uniquely match companies and STEM candidates using predictive analytics to assess job capability and fitas a result eliminating the proverbial black hole. Our predictor model allows candidates to access company profiles and evaluate how the organization stacks up on benefits and offerings that are important to them. Organizations are able to determine which applicants have the skills they seek and are best aligned to their company culture and work environment. The automated candidate shortlisting feature links candidates and employers based on commonalities evaluated in our ASKED © (Ability, Skills, Knowledge, Experience, and Desire) Assessment.

Why STEM Fields

Over the past 10 years, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs have grown three times as fast as non-STEM jobs. However, businesses frequently voice concerns over the supply and availability of STEM workers. The STEM Connection helps bridge that gap and connects the two in a mutually beneficial environment.

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